5 Golden Rules of ‘The Selfie’

It’s been around since the Myspace days of 7th grade, and it will be around for many many more. And don’t get me wrong, i love the selfie. Well i like taking them at least but i think we need to go over some rules here!

  1. Limit selfies to two per week and that’s only if you absolutely must post a selfie. And here’s another thing, if you’re last image on Instagram posted was a selfie, DON’T post another selfie. It looks desperate and bad.
  2. Limit yourself to one car selfies per week (at a traffic light or while parked only, not while driving)
  3. When you take a mirror selfie, make sure you’re the main part of it. I don’t care about the background! So why go to the effort of taking a selfie with so much background fuzz in amongst it?!
  4. Clean up your background so i can’t see your nasty dirty room in your selfie. It’s just gross, i don’t need to see your mess. I don’t care what your room looks like and i’m not interested in it (i’m usually not interested in the selfie either!)
  5. None of thisimage

    “No Make up no filter” Caption. First off I am clearly wearing make up and everyone can tell i am using a filter.


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