About Me

20131218_Abigail Brooke (27)My very first blog post was a small about me however this is for those of you who will read this at a later date.

My name is Abigail Jameson. I am a close-minded, go by the book, type A personality studying Marketing at the University of Central Florida. On top of being in school full time, i work two part time jobs and chase after the dream of being a model.

My family is a huge part of my life, we protect one another as if it were our jobs. And in a way isn’t that why you have a family? To be there and protect one another. Well anyway, explaining my family is no easy feat. I have a Mum and a step Dad. But i just call him Dad. I have two brothers, Ollie and Elliott who are older than me and two step brothers, Jamie and Bobby. Finally I have a step sister, Suzi and a half sister, Annabelle. Jamie, Bobby, Suzi and Annabelle all live in England. Annabelle is a no one to us, she ignores us except to occasionally try to stir up trouble. It’s sad to say but I like it this way. The ones who i do talk to are the ones who i truly care for and would protect with my life. We make each other a priority, talk on a regular basis and love no matter how much we drive each other crazy.

I like to get things done and I like to get them done the right way. Should you see errors on my blog, let me know! Constructive criticism is always good! Negative criticism, not so much. However something to be expected.

Thanks for reading!

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